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Winning the Lottery, NCAA-Style

Thumbnail[4] The secondary market for event tickets often raises questions about the legality of the transactions, whether they are characterized as "scalping" or not. 

This decision from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals poses a different set of questions about the legality of a lottery for event tickets.  More particularly, as reported by Reuters (via How Appealing):

"A federal appeals court halted a lawsuit accusing the National Collegiate Athletic Association of running an illegal lottery in allocating seats to basketball's Final Four and other popular sports tournaments. Citing potential 'far-reaching effects' from a ruling on the distribution of coveted tickets, the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago threw out Monday its July ruling that revived a proposed nationwide class-action lawsuit by fans. The Seventh Circuit asked the Indiana Supreme Court to assess whether NCAA ticketing constituted an unlawful lottery under that state's law."