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‘Think Twice Before Selling Pension’ Says CNBC Story

A number of recent stories and posts in this blog have described the attention given by federal and state regulators to pension factoring.  The most recent post (which also includes links to the previous six) is available on Secondary Market Blog at this post.

And the news stories on pension factoring continue.

CNBC ran a story under the headline “Seniors Warned, Think Twice Before Selling Pension.”  The story quotes Lori Schock, direct of investor education at the Seurities and Exchange Commission:

“We’re very concerned about the long-term detrimental effects of these pension sales,” said Lori Schock, director of investor education at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

“We usually get concerned on the investor side of issues,” said Schock. “But we’re also worried about those who sell their pensions and what this does to them.”

The full CNBC story is available here.