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News Report: Litigation Funders’ Lawsuit Says New York AG’s Attempt to Recoup Fees Paid by 9/11 Victims Would Hurt Business

The New York Post this week reported that a litigation funding company has filed a lawsuit against New York’s Attorney General over his “attempt to recoup $1.6 million in ‘excessive’ fees paid by 9/11 victims for cash advances on government payments.”

The report (9/11 Fee Lawsuit) also says that RD Legal Funding Partners’ lawsuit against New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman alleged that “the AG’s demand will have a ‘profoundly adverse, chilling effect’ on litigation funding.”


An earlier Post story about RD Legal Funding Partners’ attempt to recover from a 9/11 victim (Retired 9/11 cop being sued for refusing to pay $500k fee) is available here.