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Illinois Offers No Guarantee That It Will Make Lottery Payments, Says Chicagoan in News Story on State’s Budget Woes

“Powerball was the only thing that I would buy, because I knew that it would pay out,” said Anthony Martinez, who lives in the Logan Square neighborhood. “With the Illinois budget crisis, it’s not a guarantee that Illinois’ going to actually pay out on your lottery winnings.”

That person-on-the-street comment appeared in an article headlined, “Powerball, Mega Millions to drop Illinois due to state’s budget crisis” that ran in the Chicago Sun-Times last week.

For more about the Illinois lottery’s troubles making payments, and possible implications for the secondary market for lottery payments, see Illinois Lottery Winners Lose in Court Over State’s Failure to Make Payments (here) and News Story: Illinois ‘Stiffed’ Some Lottery Winners (here).