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‘Coma’ Meets ‘The Big Short’: Financial Advice Columnist Opines That Life Settlements Business Seem to Attract ‘Fraud and Financial Blowups’

The life settlements industry “seems to attract both fraud and financial blowups” and should be avoided by investors.

So says a financial advice columnist, Michael Taylor, who points to the fraud and “financial blowups” as the rationale to avoid the investment, rather than the “ick factor” of investing in death.

In his July 7 column, he also says that he “decided long ago that when I write my first novel – a financial thriller obviously – the main plotline will involve a hedge fund dedicated to viaticals”: “Think Robin Cook’s ‘Coma’ meets Michael Lewis’ ‘The Big Short.'”

Taylor’s opinion piece, The Smart Money: Investing In Death – Your Savings Might Not Survive, is available in full (behind a subscription wall) here.